‘Asking your staff to do your marketing, is like asking them to do a root canal’

Going Viral - Social Media Marketing with Dental Connect Google ads are the number one go-to for your ad spend. When someone is searching for your service, they are already looking for you, this is what we call inbound search and the intent from this search is high. Most dentists add some keywords and a budget and let it run. This is the best way to burn money. A proper campaign analysis search patterns, the best times of day or night to increase and decrease budget to maximise the budget you have. You should also be backtesting different ads for different audiences. Facebook & Instagram are used to generate what we call outbound search, we need to put ads in front of them and try to inspire them, this reduces the intent of this kind of enquiry but doesn’t make them less essential. You need to understand the relationship between the two: A user is on Facebook and comes across your ad for Invisalign, they click the ad and think it looks good. They then go to google and search for ‘Invisalign near me’ and they should find your ads and organic search listing. This is your goal, wherever the user goes they find you. If you have Facebook ads but no SEO strategy, you will spend money inspiring them to look for Invisalign and your competitor who does have an SEO strategy will get chance to pitch to them as well, you may well be fuelling your competition’s business. If it sounds like a lot to think about that’s because it is and that why we can handle this for you.
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  • Date 20 September 2019 - 10 December 2019